Exterior of Speedo's Harborside Cafe & Bar

A Family-Owned Lakeside Institution

We’ve Been Serving Up Best Views on Geneva Lake Since 1961

Speedo’s Harborside Cafe & Bar on Geneva Lake has a long and storied history serving families and tourists from the Chicago-land area, the broader Midwest and locals alike. We’re now proud to be serving the second and third generations of families who frequented our restaurant during its founding just after the roaring 1950’s. Founded in 1961 as the “Lakeview” by our grandparent’s, George and Helen Condos, the pair worked diligently to build an establishment that would satisfy the appetites of many while serving up legendary lake views. In 1946 after WWII, George, departed Greece to become an entrepreneur as an immigrant to the U.S. He quickly gained his footing working as a cook at the Schroeder Hotel in Milwaukee, WI and at Millas’s café of Lake Geneva, WI, a restaurant operated by Helen’s parents. George used his early profits to help bring the rest of his family to the U.S.

In 1947, he married Helen and over the next decade they founded 3 restaurants in downtown Lake Geneva. As they lacked start-up capital at the time, their first business was built in partnership with a number of local tradesmen from the area with whom George and Helen had become friends. After the workday, George could be found sharing a scotch with many of these friends and locals from the area. Helen, who thrived on entertaining guests, would bake and share dessert for all to enjoy.

Exterior of Speedo's Harborside Cafe & Bar with signage and outdoor seating
Photo of Speedo's Harborside Cafe owner with their family

The Hob Knob, the first business they opened together in 1949, was the product of what would become a long-standing partnership between George and Helen and the local community from across southeastern Wisconsin. The Hob Knob was located in the middle of the same block, a few clicks up from the location that would become the “Lakeview” restaurant and is presently known as Speedo’s Harborside Cafe & Bar.

Following the opening of their first business, their second, the “Lakeview” which would later become “Speedo’s Harborside” was opened.

Finally, in 1965 their third restaurant, the Lake Aire, an iconic building situated on the main intersection of the downtown was established.

In 1981, the couple’s son, Spyro and his wife, Patricia purchased the business from George and Helen and continue to operate it alongside their family of 4 daughters, Elena, Demetra, Alexa and Georgette Condos and 5 grandchildren. While they’ve made a myriad of upgrades over time, the restaurant remains true to its founding – devoted to serving tourists and residents alike with a tasty menu of entrees, bar service and ambiance served up with unmatched lake views.

Exterior of Speedo's Harborside Cafe & Bar with signage and outdoor seating

Together and through devotion and grit, George and Helen Condos became the consummate restauranteurs. They thrived on being in service to people, especially their family. Their customers were no different becoming part of their big family over time. Every time you dine with us, we commit to serving you in that very same way.

We know that you’ll remember your experience here. From lakefront views that have families and friends returning to the Lake Geneva area for generations upon generations to unrivaled “people watching” and conversations with locals, this is your go-to lakeside spot on Geneva Lake. Our promise to you remains an easy one yet it’s one we remain so passionate about. We’ll continue to serve you as we do our family and as our grandparent’s did theirs.